Sunday, October 01, 2006

Gee whiz, 14 seasons on the books

Today marks the end of the regular season for the Buccos, and the end of the 14th consecutive losing season as well.

My son turns 13 next week, he's an All-Star baseball player in his own right, and of course, is a Bucco fan (read: brainwashed).

He's never seen the Buccos even as a decent team, much less a Division champ during the early 90's. He comes over while I'm watching a Buccos game, shrugs his shoulders, and simply states, "they suck Dad". And you know what, I can't argue with him !!

But hey, let's hope Freddy gets at least one hit today, I think that should be enough to keep him on top to win the batting crown.

I'll get back up on my Buccos soapbox in the coming weeks for what their offseason should look like, and what it most likely will look like. Something as convoluted as administering the roster of the Pittsburgh Pirates takes time.

After all, after reading today's article from Dejan about McClatchy, sounds like he's not going anywhere. Combine that with the statement earlier last month that Littlefield is staying as well.

What's it going to take to smack some sense into this organization ??

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