Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sabres nip Pens; And onto the regular season

Pens lose to the Sabres tonight 4-2 in the preseason finale. As mentioned last post, the Pens lineup was very much the junior varsity variety.

One thing I have noticed in the three preseason games I've seen, this Penguins team is going to be a much more physical team. They have several players who are outstanding checkers. I mean with Armstrong, Orpik, Ruutu, Roy, Cairns, and possibly Carcillo (if he makes the team), the Pens have quickly become a much more difficult team to play against.

So teams that employ the Darien Hatcher method of checking to Crosby and/or Malkin, you know, sticks to the face, chipping teeth, etc., will quickly get the reciprocal treatment.

Thursday night can't come quick enough.

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