Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Confluence meets up with Rocky Bleier

Just got back from the meet and greet with Rocky Bleier.

Very cool man, very friendly and made small talk with everyone. Taking pictures and all that stuff (I forgot ours, and would live to regret it, I'll explain later).

40 bucks a pop for autographs, plus whatever you buy for him to sign.

I bought a mini helmet, and he signs it with a gold Sharpie as follows:

To Domenic (my youngest son's name)

Go Steelers !

[[ Rocky Bleier ]]


That would have been good enough for me, then the kicker;

He's got all 4 of his Super Bowl rings there with him, AND IS LETTING EVERYONE PUT THE RINGS ON THEIR FINGERS !!!!!

You guys should have seen the grin on my face when I had those rings on my fingers.

Big, HUGE frickin' rings.

The kid in front of us dropped one of his rings on the cement floor.

PING !!!!

Rocky didn't seem to be too upset with that, I'm sure they've been dropped before.

I told him that he looked about 6'5" when he caught that TD pass against the Cowboys in the Super Bowl.


POJO_Risin said...

I met Bleier about 15 years ago...he was signing autographs outside a card show...with LC Greenwood...

the catch though is it was for free...but they were asking for donations for families of soldiers fighting in Iraq...

Tony said...

Yeah Poj, we really enjoyed it... He was very personable, really wanted to hold a short conversation with you, not just there to grab your cash and shoo you off...

And those rings bro, those rings...