Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving from The Confluence

To all of you and your families.

Special thanks goes out to those serving in uniform, both Stateside and overseas, both on the battlefield and off, and on sea and land.

I spent 20 years in uniform, close to 9 of those years overseas, so trust me when I tell you Thanksgiving to military folks overseas is a special time.

Even in faraway locations such as Japan and the Philippines, when we had to watch the Thanksgiving Day games starting at midnight Friday morning, it was a time to get together with friends and watch the great American pastime and way of life that we volunteered to defend.

Should be a good day to watch football, now that there are 3 games today and tonight.

Gotta allocate some time for the obligatory nap after stuffing myself, though.

See everyone tomorrow for the Pens/Isles gameday post.

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