Friday, November 10, 2006

Sens 6, Pens 3; Is there a Defensemen in the house ??

This is starting to get ridiculous.

Or, should I say, this is starting to look familiar.

44 more shots on goal by Ottawa, with only 17 shots for the Pens.

So much for that struggling Sens team, huh ??

This was a tailor-made game to break the Sens 5-game losing streak. Just put shots on goal from every angle possible, which won't be that hard since the Pens defense has quickly reverted to '05-'06 form, that form being absolutely terrible.

I would never think when the season started that the loss of Mark Eaton would be such a crippling blow. But when the majority of the remainder of the defense is playing that poorly, especially Ryan Whitney (you know, the one that's in all of those "evolution" commercials), it becomes nothing more than a shooting gallery.

Combine that porous defense with a couple of very soft goals by MAF, and you've got yourselves a blowout.

And how many scoring opportunities were blown THIS GAME by trying to make the pretty pass ??

This Penguins ship needs righted, and quick.

And now that they feel good and dejected, why not get on a plane and visit the Stanley Cup Champs ??

I sure hope they know what they're walking into Saturday night, that's going to be one very rough game.

Let's ensure that Cairns gets in the game to get his ass kicked again.

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