Friday, November 17, 2006

Sabres 4, Pens 2; It is time to fact facts

The offense can only do so much.

Well, rather, the offense could have done a little more tonight.

But we Penguins fans, for all of the heap praised upon the team the first few weeks of the season, need to temper all of that with the following;

Until the Penguins make changes to their defensive roster, changes that must include a couple of right-handed shooters, they will be NO BETTER than a mediocre team.

A decent defensive team would have held Buffalo to one goal tonight.

Let me correct that, a decent defensive team would not have Josef Melichar boarding a Sabres player while already short-handed.

Let me correct that again, a decent defensive team wouldn't have Josef Melichar on the team.

I won't totally absolve Thibault. The man gives up A LOT of rebounds. So while the defense is certainly as porous as it ever has, Thibault has to be smothering a lot more of those shots.

The power play was absolutely non-existent tonight. It sure as hell seemed that the majority of the time they haven't even been getting the power play set up at all.

The Pens did not play a bad game at all, to include 36 shots n goal.

But as I said, we might as well get used to it, because this defense will be the downfall of this team until management decides to do something about it.

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