Sunday, October 01, 2006

Steelers bye week; Everyone chill out

Not all is lost.

It's not time to jump off of the Clemente Bridge (I'm not well versed on the aggregate of Pittsburgh bridges, forgive me if there's a more preferred bridge nowadays).

The Steelers have played only three games, and while some would like for the bye week to occur later in the year, it seems as though this is the perfect time to take the week off, take a step back, and reflect.

They've played mediocre football, no doubt about it, but let's also say that they're not that far away from where they were last year.

And that turned out OK, didn't it ?? Remember how you felt when they were 7-5 last year ??

Ben's been shaky, definitely, but let's take a closer look at him. Take the Bengals game, many fans point to the deep ball he through that got intercepted. But did most of you also see that he stepped on a lineman's foot while he was throwing ?? How about the interception intended for Santonio in the Jags game ?? Are you also accounting for Santonio running the wrong route ??

The offensive line was pretty piss poor the first couple games of the year, but they more than redeemed themselves vs. the Bengals.

I'd still like to see the pass defense tighten up some more, they're still giving up too many 3rd down successes.

I believe that Coach Lebeau will throw everything but the kitchen sink at Philip Rivers next Monday night in San Diego.

And we'll all start feeling better.

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