Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Whew !!! Close call for Sid; Malkin miscellaneous

Come on Sid, I know it's been a long layoff after the first couple games of the season, but we don't need headlines THAT BAD.

Sid was doing his Ronnie Paulino impression apparently in practice on Tuesday, and nearly broke his hand. Thankfully, it turned out only to be a bruise, and he should be fine for tomorrow night's game in New Yawk.

Read a couple of interesting notes on Malkin, and to be honest, I don't know if they contradict each other or not.

According to this post at LGP, taken from Phil Bourque's interview with Tim Benz from Fox Sports Radio in the 'Burgh, they are taking Malkin's re-eval back a week, and to expect his 1st game to be on the West Coast trip beginning in L.A. on November 1st.

And then there's this tidbit from LGP, from ESPN Radio's Mark Madden, who states that Malkin took part in a full practice today.

Well, whenever he gets back, it won't be too soon. Not necessarily solely for him, but what his inclusion will mean for the Pens' lineup.

Specifically, it provides the opportunity to get Ryan Malone the hell off of center.

Sorry Ryan, I've heard you came into camp in great shape and we look for a better year, but you my friend are no center.

So let's get Malkin back centering the 2nd line, with Malone and Recchi as his wings. Throw Leclair back to the 3rd line where he belongs at this stage of his career, and Ekman back up to Sid's line (although if he's not pulling his weight pretty soon, I wouldn't doubt Recchi moving up there permanently).

I'm interested to see the intensity that the Pens bring when they hit the ice at the Garden. And as they did last year, I'm sure the Ranger fans (like the Flyer fans) will unknowingly pump Sid up.

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