Monday, October 09, 2006

Bolts 23, Steelers 13; Now where did I put that panic button...


So when does everyone start calling these games "must win", I didn't get the memo on that.

If the residents of Steelertown aren't pretty damn concerned by now, let me give you a bit of friendly advice, you'd better start.

'Cause this team's got some serious issues.

First and foremost, when did the Steelers secondary start playing virtual prevent defense ?? For as much smack talking and chest pumping Ike Taylor and Deshea Townsend do, you'd think these guys were the second coming of Deion Sanders back there. They made Philip Rivers look like Joe Montana (or last year's Big Ben) in the second half last night. The Bolts were completing passes with the receivers easily having a good five yards cushion on a regular basis.

The run defense, as is usually the case, did it's job admirally, basically shutting down LT all night long.

Onto the offense, this is where it gets ugly.

Willie Parker and the running game did alright, and they even mixed in Najeh Davenport for the first time. Gotta love that 32 yard screen pass, with the outstanding stiff arm.

The offensive line, at least in this guy's opinion, was quite mediocre. Parker had very little running room on the majority of his runs and Ben was running for his life on the majority of his dropbacks.

Ben, well, how long can we honestly say, "it's just rust".

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on the flea flicker INT, he took a shot downfield, and although it was into double coverage, was nothing more than a good punt downed at the 9 yard line.

But that 2nd INT was downright Bledsoe-esque. What the hell was that ?? Across his body, no receiver around, come on Ben, you're better than that.

So, as I said previously, the Ravens will soon start showing their real colors, I bet that will start tonight in Denver.

So we're really looking at a 2 game deficit if that holds true. The Steelers schedule lightens up a little at this point in the season, with Kansas City and Oakland, and a game in Atlanta in between.

Time to panic ?? That may be too harsh a term, but the Steelers better start playing Steeler football before it's too late to push the panic button.

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POJO_Risin said...

Why Panic...they looked like a sideshow football team in the second half. The offensive line played mediocre? You give them to much credit. Yeah, they could run the ball, but Ben looked like a damn pinball. When did he forget to run, because he needed to be haulin' ass. You worry about the secondary, and yeah, they sucked last night, and they stopped the run, but when was the last time you saw the rush get picked up like that? It was freakin' non-existant in the second half. Yeah, they did some things other than blitz that didn't work, but damn dude, when they did blitz, it looked like the old Dolphin lines during the Marino days, that didn't give up sacks in DECADES. Horrible...just horrible. No Larry Johnson next week, and they better damn take advantage.