Sunday, October 22, 2006

Falcons 41, Steelers 38 (OT); Make your January vacation plans, you guys ain't going nowhere

I really hate it when I'm right.

Just to refresh your memory, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago in my post called "Now where did I put that panic button" following the San Diego loss, for all of the praise heaped upon the Steelers' defense, that pass defense has been rated towards the bottom of the NFL for several years now.

This game amplifies that fact, and then some.

This secondary makes Michael Vick look like Dan Fouts.

Makes Philip Rivers look like Joe Montana.

You get my point.

Vick hadn't thrown more than TWO touchdown passes in a game in his six year NFL career.

Of course, this secondary gives up 4 TD's to him.

This just in, the Steelers just fumbled again.

Even with the aforementioned pourous pass defense, the Steelers STILL win this game, and the Bengals game, if they would just hold on to the damn ball.

Turnovers have absolutely killed the Steelers' season.

For as explosive a returner as he is, Santonio Holmes is quickly becoming a liability on special teams.

If you can't hold onto the ball, you just can't keep putting him out there.

And, just as the Steelers luck is running this year, Ben was having another very strong game, until he got his bell rung.

I'll give Charlie Batch credit, he made some great throws (and a couple of duds). The long TD to Hines Ward was outstanding.

So, here the Steelers are, at 2-4. The Bengals pulled out the win at home vs. Carolina, they're now 4-2. Baltimore is already 4-2 with the bye this week.

Nothing's impossible in today's NFL, that's for sure, especially with the Steelers still needing to play seven more divisional games.

But unless the pass defense and special teams tighten it the hell up, might as well start mailing it in, 'cause it ain't gonna make a difference.

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