Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Confluence turns one month old; Thanks to everyone

I wasn't so sure this time around when I revamped The Confluence, but I gotta say, I'm enjoying the hell out of this.

Nothing like spewing your guts about your favorite teams to no one in particular. :-)

So after one month, looks like we'll pass 1000 hits either today or tomorrow.

That blows my mind.

But it also shows the value of networking.

Thanks to all of those who corresponded to me and linked to my blog, that was a huge lift, very much appreciated.

But I'm not so quick to be satisfied after only one month.

I'd appreciate your comments, recommendations, suggestions, questions, bitches, moans (OK, forget that one), and complaints to me at theconfluence@cox.net.

Suggestions on things to add to the blog (remember, I'm still a blog-rookie) ??

Topics you'd like me to jump on the soapbox (I've got some warming up in the bullpen) ??

Topics you think I should just shut the hell up over ??

Anyway, you catch my drift, once again, appreciate your input.

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