Sunday, October 08, 2006

Steelers gameday: OK boys, time to wake up

For as much as I can't stand Michael Irvin, I can't agree more with what he just said;

The Steelers need to get it into their heads of what kind of atmosphere and adrenaline their opponents feel this year, it's even more than what teams normally feel when their playing the hated Steelers.

Just look at what Cincinnati did. They go into Pittsburgh, fired up beyond belief, and come out of it with a win (they oughta send Colclough and Haynes new cars for their timely fumbles in the 4th quarter). Then they come HOME, and get their asses handed to them by New England.

Same with Jacksonville this year.

But onto tonight's same in San Diago (with my Ron Burgurdy reference of course).

Philip Rivers should be running for his life tonight, if I know by now how Dick Lebeau is going to gameplan for him. And that goes for LT as well.

Look for Ben to play much better tonight. He's been a victim of dropped passes and poorly ran routes as much as throwing bad passes.

Steelers 27, Bolts 17.

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POJO_Risin said...

YO VA! You definately didn't read my blog today. Go check out my Steeler comments, it will make you chuckle. Also...check out my prediction...;)

You'll get a kick at that as well. We've been doing this to damn long...

let's just say I concur with your assessment!