Monday, October 02, 2006

Pens annual golf tourney; A possible Malkin update ??

Let me say right off of the bat, I'm a big Stan Savran fan.

I strongly disagree with those that claim Stan is a Steeler/Pirate apologist, yadda, yadda, yadda. That's utter bovine feces (read: B.S.). I find that he never has a problem saying if he believes a player and/or coach is doing lousy. And he also isn't one of those broadcasters who thinks they're Mr. Rumor Mill, like some others in Pittsburgh do (even though they don't step one foot in a locker room, hmmm).

Anyway, I digress.

Stan broadcast Sportsbeat tonight at the Pens' annual golf tournament. Some interesting items of note;
  • Malkin and Gonchar on the putting green, apparently "Gino" (I guess that's Malkin's nickname from the team, since Evgeny is Eugene in Russian) had never played golf before.
  • Interviewed six players, including Crosby, Staal, Moore, Leclair, Armstrong, and Fleury. All of them gave glowing reviews to the experience at West Point.
  • The interview with Coach Therrien might have given a possible hint at when Malkin may return. He said he definitely won't be playing the first two games of the season, and they'll take it from there. Hmmm, maybe the 12OCT game in New York ?? They did show video of him at practice today, he seemed fine to me. We'll just have to see when he can take a hit on that shoulder.
  • Also interviewed Steigy and Errey. Errey seemed quite disappointed that Talbot and Welch were sent down to WBS. Personally, I concur with the team in sending Talbot down, but I would have liked to see Welch stay with the big boys, and take a chance on getting either Melichar or Scuderi (flip a coin for the hell of it) through waivers to send down to WBS.
I really doubt that Staal will stay with the team the entire season, but I believe Letang is here for the long haul, just my .02.

Three days until the Flyers dive into town. Hell, I can't wait until Wednesday to watch Sabres-Canes.

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