Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hey, that kid's not bad !!

Well, it was the start of a new Penguins regime, and I sure as hell liked what I saw last night.

Except for that damn Brodeur, that is.

As was said several times during last night's broadcast and post-game shows, there was no doubt about it, for at least last night's game, Evgeni Malkin was the best player on the ice.

And I see that as a GREAT thing for the Penguins as a team. Sid's competitive juices will not tolerate him to be outdone, and the combination of Sid and Geno pushing each other will quickly make the Pens a lethal team, offensively at least.

Malkin did nothing to disappoint the 17,000 plus standing room only crowd, who most of which originally bought tickets for the Crosby bobblehead night.

Amazing stickhandling, pinpoint passes, and great speed highlighted the otherwise-disappointing night for the Pens in their 2-1 loss.

And the best part of the night ?? Well, to me anyway, was when Devils winger Cam Janssens "tried" to throw a check into Malkin. Janssens quickly found out that it's easier said than done to put Malkin on his butt. In fact, Malkin dropped Janssens on HIS butt, and did it with his injured shoulder !!

The few times that he and Crosby were on the ice together were downright magical. Somehow, the refs only called one penalty against the Devils, but that one power play created some great scoring chances. That power play will only get better, and should eventually become one of the best in the league.

Tough to start his career vs. the Devils, with great defenders like John Madden, and of course Martin Brodeur, but as the Pens have done just about every minute of the season so far, they could most definitely have won it. They couldn't say that for most of the year last year.

Also have to give props to Patrick Elias, who gave some friendly advice in the 2nd intermission that he'd "better keep his head up", because he likes to go over the middle so much.

So it's off to Long Island tonight. As a side note, if Direct TV intends to show the Isles' feed (no idea), let's hope that Deb Kaufman and her Eddie Money-ish side-mouth talking are out there.

Let's Go Pens !!!!!

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