Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pens Gameday; Wrecking Ball on 1st line, for now

Pens at Rangers, 7PM Thursday...

It's looking like the Pens will again go with Mark Recchi on the 1st line with Sid and Colby for now.

I may be wrong, but it sure looks like they're biding their time until Malkin comes back, at which time the top two lines will have much more of a punch.

At first glance, that may be a slam at Leclair, and while I don't want it to sound like a slam, I mean, let's face it. Johnny's on his last legs. I'll say this, he's one of only a few Pens that actually realizes how to dump the puck and go for the forecheck to get scoring opportunities. The quicker Malone realizes that, and stops trying to weave through both D-men at the same time, the more scoring chances they'll get. But other than that, Johnny just doesn't have the legs anymore to keep up with the pace of this hockey nowadays. Leclair' game today, one that might have been considered blasphemous only a few years ago, really seems to be suited to the 3rd line now. He can still lay good checks, and combine with Moore and Ruutu for a decent amount of scoring opportunities for the 3rd line.

Anyway, let's hope for a good showing tonight in the Garden.

Let's Go Pens !!!!

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