Sunday, October 29, 2006

Raiders 20, Steelers 13; Embarrassing to be a fan of this team right now

I've just about run out of negative adjectives to describe this 2006 edition of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Ya know, the ones that are supposed to be the defending Super Bowl champions.




And as it looks right now, a non-playoff team.

I don't even know where to start.

Let's see, what's Cowher going to say this time, after 3 more unsportsmanlike conduct and personal fouls are called.

Maybe, "it will never happen again THIS time !!"

The Raiders had 98 total yards.

Let me repeat that.

The Raiders had 98 total yards.

It's just incomprehensible that the defense could totally dominate the line of scrimmage (when they weren't taunting or bitching to the officials that is), and still lose the game.

I can just imagine the armchair quarterbacks on Monday, "I told ya that Batch should've played".

To be sure, Ben's INT's have become a major concern.

The first one, on the long pass, he's thrown about 4 of those same types of INT's this year, thrown into double coverage.

The second one was a fluke on the tip, just so happens with the Steelers' crappy luck this year, was INT'd and ran back for a TD.

The third one came on 4th down, when the Steelers were yet again making another unsuccessful drive in Oakland territory.

And finally, the 4th INT was on the goal line, and again, taken back for a TD.

Four red zone opportunities, ZERO TD's, and 2 FG's.

But this wasn't ALL on Ben, the offensive line, once again this year, did not give Ben a lot of time. Ben did A LOT of scrambling today.

And finally, I don't even need to see the postgame press conference. I just know what Cowher's going to say.

Gotta give Oakland credit (although for what, I have no frickin' clue).

We're just struggling right now.

We've dug a hole for ourselves.

He'll say everything other than what he should be saying.

Like he's gonna take some major money from all of those players who've had those incredibly stupid unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

Like he's gonna bench some players who aren't earning their keep.

Like he's disgusted with the way that his team is playing.

Well, if Bill won't, I sure as hell will.

This team is an absolute embarrassment right now.

They should feel damn lucky there isn't a provision in the NFL bylaws that has the Super Bowl champ to turn in their rings if they don't play like champions the next year, 'cause there would be a big truck headed back to the jewelers right now.

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