Saturday, January 27, 2007

Poll Results; Interesting, to say the least

So I've had the latest Confluence poll up for a couple of months, "What do you think is the Penguins most pressing need ??", to gauge the opinions of fellow Pens fans.

And the results were pretty interesting.

Out of 52 votes, 28 of them, or 54%, voted for a "Decent defenseman, preferably right-handed".

15 votes, or 29%, said the Pens need "Scoring winger to play alongside Crosby".

And finally, 9 votes, or 17%, said a "New backup goaltender".

I'm wondering if I kept the poll up longer, now that Eaton is back, if those numbers would change percentage-wise.

But, nah.

Time to change it up.

Let's make it a relatively easy question, but I want those who vote to tell me what you THINK, not what you HOPE.

Thanks again to those who're participating.

1 comment:

POJO_Risin said...

I suppose I've seen better teams fall apart, but don't see it happening with the Pens. They are playing well, and have been. They'll make the playoffs.

The better question is which seed...

that's not hope either...

nor think...