Thursday, January 25, 2007

DB coach Perry, uh, "resigns" from Steelers staff

You could see this one coming.

As dominant as the Steelers have been defensively over the past umpteen years, the last decade or so (or since Rod Woodson left) has had one common denominator on the defensive side of the ball.

The Steelers' pass defense sucks.

So in addition to the special teams, in which that coach, uh, resigned, the 'Burgh Tribune-Review reported that DB coach Darren Perry has resigned as well.

Something has got to be done with this secondary. No secondary is going to be perfect, but the Steelers' cornerbacks routinely give their WR's way too much room, and if they're not backing off the line of scrimmage too much, they're getting burnt over the top.

So anyway, Gerry Dulac reported on Sportsbeat tonight that new coach Tomlin told Perry that is he didn't "resign", he'd fire him.

It's always unfortunate, especially for a former Steeler like Perry, but if there was one area that the Steelers need a drastic change, it's the secondary, and the coach always get the ax.

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