Monday, January 22, 2007

Lemieux continues his posturing (to his credit)....

I really don't want to be portraying my opinions of the arena deal in a denegrating fashion towards Mario Lemieux.

Christ, how could I, or anyone else for that matter ??

He's an incredible role model, and I consider him (along with Roberto Clemente) one of my lifelong idols.

But boy oh boy, Mario is playing his cards like he should be on ESPN on one of those poker shows (don't get me started on that).

Mario used the occasion of media day at the NHL All-Star game to once again portray the gloom and doom of the Penguins' arena situation.

Lemieux said "I heard it wasn't very good. Our people were offended and very disappointed. Now, as always, we have to go out and explore our options. Once we find a deal we like, we'll sign it up."

Pretty strong comments, touche' Mario.

As I said, I give Mario all the credit in the world. He's gonna get the best deal for the Penguins (and his wallet) that he can.

However, having said all of that, in my humble opinion, it is all pure posturing, nothing more.

Get your money Mario, you deserve it.

But you aren't moving the Penguins, sure I'll call you out on it.

You've been living in Pittsburgh long enough, you fully know irregardless of how bad you've gotten screwed over by the politicians, you will get vilified if you move this team.


On a more positive note, Stan Savran reported on Sportsbeat tonight that the majority of the current investment group of the Penguins, plus a couple of other outside investors, are in the process of increasing each of their investments up to $10 million a piece, in order to purchase the Penguins, and get Mario his money due. Of course, this is a separate evolution to the arena issue, so we'll have to see what happens with this as well.

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