Thursday, January 25, 2007

Freddy close to 2-year deal, and "Bob Walk Bobblehead Night" ???

I still something's in the water at PNC Park, but at least they're making strides in the right direction.

First was the Laroche trade a couple of weeks ago, now they're reporting that
they're close to a two year deal with NL batting champ Freddy Sanchez.

Of course, they still need to go to arbitration with LaRoche, by the way, but if they're smart, they'll lock him up as well for a few years.


Will the Bucs sign Jeff Weaver ?? Looks like the Bucs are among the finalists for a two year deal with him. As is the case with just about every other pitcher out there, Weaver had a losing record last year at 8-14, but he surprised everyone during the playoffs, and was the winning pitcher in Game 5 for the Cards.

Gonna take some dinero, so I'd still be surprised if he signed in the 'Burgh, but we'll see if 'ol Bobby Nutting releases some of the cash strings.


Oh boy, those promotional folks who work for the Pirates are really something, aren't they ??

No less than five bobblehead nights.

Including the much-heralded BOB WALK BOBBLEHEAD NIGHT.

Bob, I love ya, but come on.

And another bobblehead night for that crusty veteran Ronny Paulino.

Just enough bobblehead and firework nights to show everyone in MLB that the Pirates have GREAT attendance, eh ??

Well, let's just see how great the attendance is on that Wednesday night in May against Milwaukee.

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Matt said...

Your last sentence is exactly what I say everytime I try to get decent seats on a bobblehead night. I can't stand the bobblehead crowds.

P.S. How about Wednesday afternoon games in September? I have had entire sections to myself for those games. On the lower level.