Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI; Take the Colts, and the points....

I would have said "Colts in a blowout" before today.

But now, it's due to be raining on and off all day, including during the game tonight.

If it does rain, it will (amazingly) be the 1st time that it rained during a Super Bowl.

So, with the wet conditions, I'm still going with the Colts, and they'll still cover, but no longer in blowout.

Let's see, let's go with Colts 27, Bears 17.


Michael said...

Wow - almost right on with your prediction! Well Done!


Tony said...

Yeah, almost nailed it.

Of course I screwed up the title, should've said "take the Colts, GIVE the points", you guys know what I meant....