Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bucs full squad workouts begin; Hope springs eternal...

The Buccos took the field today for their first full squad workouts of the year.

Of course, during the 40 day or so adventure commonly known as spring training, you're gonna see a lot of different combinations of players, playing all kinds of positions.

Most of which you don't give a second thought to, until at least mid-March anyways.

But perhaps it was a little more than interesting to see that for the entire day Jose Castillo was taking ground balls at third base as opposed to second base, which was where Freddy Sanchez was parked.

Should anyone read anything into it ?? Well, in my opinion, the only way you should read anything into it is if you're looking at the positioning of Castillo at third strictly as a psychological move on Jim Tracy's part.

And nothing more.

Hey, it couldn't hurt, ya know ?

In the past 45 days or so, Castillo has been called out by his double play partner and has been told by his manager that he must beat out Jose Bautista to keep his starting job.

Maybe a little more motivation is gained by sticking him at third base on the first day of practice.

Besides that, I sure hope all of the soap opera bullshit between Laverne and Shirley is put to rest.

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